Aeroporto Rimini-MiramareTransport will be provided from Rimini Airport and Riccione train station only for those that have booked the package.

They will only be picked up if they notify the tournament organisers of their arrival times before Friday 22nd January 2016.

Free transportation will be provided from / to Hotel and the venue


Rimini Airport Website:

Italian Railways Website:
[All destinations to Rimini or Riccione]

You can arrive at Rimini - Riccione trough:

- BOLOGNA AIRPORT (only 1hr train to Rimini/ Riccione);
- ANCONA AIRPORT (only 1hr train to Rimini/ Riccione);
- MILAN AIRPORT (only 2hr, "Freccia Rossa" or "Italo" fast train to Rimini)
- ROME AIRPORT (3 1/2 hr train to Rimini)

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