Aeroporto Rimini-MiramareTransport will be provided between Rimini Airport, Rimini and Riccione Railway Stations and hotel on arrival/departure, subject to receipt of the Travel Details Form by the due date.

Regular shuttle services between hotels and venue will be provided.

Rimini Airport Website:

Italian Railways Website:
[All destinations to Rimini or Riccione]

Italo Train Website: 
[Fast Train links from Milan-Bologna-Ancona to Rimini]

You can also arrive at Rimini - Riccione trough:

- BOLOGNA AIRPORT (only 1hr train to Rimini/ Riccione);
- ANCONA AIRPORT (only 1hr train to Rimini/ Riccione);
- MILAN AIRPORT (only 2hr, "Freccia Rossa" or "Italo" fast train to Rimini)
- ROME AIRPORT (daily flights to Rimini Airport - 3 1/2 hr train to Rimini)

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